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Information about the main activities of the Department

Passing public service
The number of civil servants in Kostanay region amounts to 6,479 units: 6 of them are political, 25 are Corps A, 6,673 are State Administrative Officers of the Corps "B". The number of actual civil servants is 5 925, the number of vacancies is 554. Over the past period of 2016, 682 people were employed and 436 vacancies were vacant for 1118 vacant administrative positions. 1491 people participated in the competitions, of which 940 were women. Competition for 1 place - 1.6 people. For the first 9 months of 2016 in Kostanay region 2284 people took part in the testing and 1240 (54%) were certified for testing, 1044 (46%) did not undergo tests, 27 tests were suspended for various reasons.
Introduction and operation of IIS E-service
In order to provide practical and methodological assistance, the employee of the Department is the state body. A system of activity activity has been developed in the system. Recommendations were sent to the heads of low-level government agencies to eliminate the barriers to work. During the trip to the regions of the region, the staff of the Department provides practical assistance to work in the System and contributes to the immediate solution of problems. Following the visit, the heads of the regions sent corresponding recommendations. Weekly seminars are held for those responsible for the work of E-service IIS.
Public Education and Interaction
Department of Kostanai region of the Ministry of Public Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is constantly working on the issues of public service, anti-corruption, public service and clarification of the Code of Ethics of civil servants.
Thus, in the third quarter of 2016 561 educational and scientific and practical events were held. There were also 2 flash mobs, 14 sports events and 9 mass events. The total number of people involved is 21,500. In the first half of the year 1894 publications on the interpretation of new legislation were published in the mass media, including 107 on TV channels, 38 on radio channels, 1345 on internet and 1345 in the Internet. Information on 300 official and official languages ​​was placed on the official website of the Ministry. Monitoring of anti-corruption and anti-corruption measures is regularly conducted in urban, regional, regional and national mass media. The Department has developed a plan for publication of author's articles in the regional and republican mass media for the 2nd and 2nd half of 2016. Thus, in 2016, 15 copyright articles were published in mass media.
Analysis and identification of corruption risks
During the reporting period, the Anti-Corruption Risks Department with 2016 Department identified 7 violations in the state bodies and 1 organization, including 4 by the order of the Ministry, 4 by the decision of the authorized body. 54 violations were revealed, 29 conflicts and 34 discriminatory norms were revealed. The analysis revealed 29 contradictions (Gzherogo - 12, GPP - 5, SJJJ - 2, CC - 5, 1 Housing and Communal Department - 3, MESB-1). 34 discriminatory norms were defined (Gzhero-11, WB-12, NZhJH-2, CC -5, HLS-2, SNRB-2). 48 violations of the legislation (Jergoo-5, WPD-6, OSIOS-3, SJZhB -5, KC-4, DO-3, Housing and communal services department-22, MESB-6), public services, administrative and other legislation. At the meetings of the Advisory Council were discussed the results of the analysis of land relations, culture and passenger transport. Recommendations on results were developed. The Department monitors anti-corruption monitoring activities on a regular basis. On the instruction of the Ministry, the anti-corruption quasi-public sector anti-corruption monitoring was conducted in the Department of Consumer Rights Protection, in the Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services, in Kostanay region's Department of Housing and Public Utility and Housing Inspection, subsidizing small and medium businesses. At the same time anti-corruption monitoring of the 3rd quarter is under way. According to the results of the anti-corruption monitoring, in the Department of Consumer Protection, in the Department of Housing and Utilities of Kostanay akimat, the Department of Agriculture of the region has detected inconsistency in normative legal acts, standards and regulations. In addition, the Board conducts explanatory work on a regular basis. 11 seminars, 6 round tables and 5 lectures for the past period were held on "Practical recommendations on anti-corruption monitoring and analysis of corruption risks". The Kostanay region in the first half of the current year has been working in mass media and state bodies


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